How To Make Your Room Bloom Into Something Great This Spring

Since spring has arrived and I’m so happy about the warm weather soon coming , I wanted to do a post related to it. In fall, I did a post on how to make your room have a fall vibe and now im doing the same thing with spring. I have been looking for ways to do this and been looking in stores for pretty flowers and spring like decor. I have not gotten all of this yet, but I wanted to show you some things you can do to help your room have that spring vibe.

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Current Workout Routine

I am excited to do this type of post because as you may know I have been trying to feel better about myself and working out more. I recently explained that in a post, so I thought why not tell you guys what I am doing to help myself. I like to workout about five times a week and remember to always drink water.

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Blogger Recognition Award

Hi guys, I am so happy to do this post. Being nominated by @katiethetourist means a lot. You should definitely check her out she is a great blogger. She nominated me a couple of weeks ago and literally just saw it now. Hopefully it isn’t too late to do this post lol. I am honored that she picked me to do this, it was so sweet of her.

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Some Of The Best Makeup From Kylie Cosmetics

I am super happy to do this review for you all because I think everyone has there own opinions of Kylie’s makeup. For me, I have only tried her highlighters and I think they are amazing. Before I bought these I did look up reviews on it and most were good. I knew I would have to see for myself so that is why I went ahead and got it.

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Happening In The New Year…

Wow, it is 2019 that is crazy. I am so ready for this year and I hope everyone is as excited as I am. For this post I want to talk a bit about me and some things I am super excited to do in the new year. I had saw a youtuber do this and I was like I should create this in a blog post so here you go. Also leave a comment down below and tell me something you are excited to do this year. Continue reading “Happening In The New Year…”

My Thoughts On This Past Year

Okay so I am going to be doing two New Years post, this one is going to be about how this year went for me and a reflection. On New Years I will be posting my resolutions and what I want to accomplish in the next stay tuned for that. Also I was really hesitant on posting this photo of me, but thats okay I like it.

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Easy Breakfast Recipes Under Ten Minutes

I haven’t done a cooking post in a little bit and I thought I could give you all some ideas on what to eat for breakfast. We all don’t have time to make a huge breakfast or let alone even eat it sometimes but breakfast really is important for you and it can also be delicious. Here are some recipes that you can try and some of my favorites I like to have in the morning.

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