How To Make Your Room Bloom Into Something Great This Spring

Since spring has arrived and I’m so happy about the warm weather soon coming , I wanted to do a post related to it. In fall, I did a post on how to make your room have a fall vibe and now im doing the same thing with spring. I have been looking for ways to do this and been looking in stores for pretty flowers and spring like decor. I have not gotten all of this yet, but I wanted to show you some things you can do to help your room have that spring vibe.

Some stores I like to look at is target, Michaels and any grocery store that has roses or tulips. I buy them at the grocery store because for me its just too expensive buying it from an actual flower shop.

Blush Pink Pillow  So I have a couple pink things in my room and I feel like you always need a good pillow. To add pink to my bed I decided go with this pillow because a blanket would be too much and I wanted to only have a touch of pink, I also have a light grey blanket so they match pretty together. I love the color and it is very comfortable. I think for my room Im going to go with pink, whites and maybe lavender decor for spring.

White Flower Lights Having lights in your room is also a must. I think it makes your room cozy and especially that these are flower lights that makes it so much cuter for the spring look you want to go for. You can hang them around your room and it would be so pretty to seem them.

Flowers I know these are fake but they are so pretty to put on your vanity or nightstand to add some color and its really cute. I sometimes will have real and fake flowers in my room.

White and Pink JournalIf you like to write and are looking for journals target has really cute ones. You can leave it on on your desk and it just looks nice and simple yet adds something to your room.

Pink PurseI have a purse from target that I bought about 5 months ago and I love it. Its pink and gold and I put it on my draw and I think it looks so cute. Here is a picture of it and how I made it go nicely with my other stuff.



I really just love to add flowers in my room. I will usually go to stop and shop to get my flowers because there like six dollars for six roses and there colors there are so pretty. I will sometimes get hydrangeas or carnations. Also this photo you see of the flowers is a photo I took when I worked in a flower shop. I loved seeing all the pretty colored flowers we would get in and how pretty the spring bouquets were. Thank you for reading this post and seeing what I would decorate my room like.




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