Blogger Recognition Award

Hi guys, I am so happy to do this post. Being nominated by @katiethetourist means a lot. You should definitely check her out she is a great blogger. She nominated me a couple of weeks ago and literally just saw it now. Hopefully it isn’t too late to do this post lol. I am honored that she picked me to do this, it was so sweet of her.

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Some Of The Best Makeup From Kylie Cosmetics

I am super happy to do this review for you all because I think everyone has there own opinions of Kylie’s makeup. For me, I have only tried her highlighters and I think they are amazing. Before I bought these I did look up reviews on it and most were good. I knew I would have to see for myself so that is why I went ahead and got it.

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Happening In The New Year…

Wow, it is 2019 that is crazy. I am so ready for this year and I hope everyone is as excited as I am. For this post I want to talk a bit about me and some things I am super excited to do in the new year. I had saw a youtuber do this and I was like I should create this in a blog post so here you go. Also leave a comment down below and tell me something you are excited to do this year. Continue reading “Happening In The New Year…”