My Obsession Of Makeup Continues…

I am so happy to being doing this post because I love makeup so much. I would have done this post earlier but for Christmas my sister got me some pretty good makeup. I am so happy to show you all and I just want to tell you how amazing all these products are. Continue reading “My Obsession Of Makeup Continues…”


My Thoughts On This Past Year

Okay so I am going to be doing two New Years post, this one is going to be about how this year went for me and a reflection. On New Years I will be posting my resolutions and what I want to accomplish in the next stay tuned for that. Also I was really hesitant on posting this photo of me, but thats okay I like it.

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Easy Breakfast Recipes Under Ten Minutes

I haven’t done a cooking post in a little bit and I thought I could give you all some ideas on what to eat for breakfast. We all don’t have time to make a huge breakfast or let alone even eat it sometimes but breakfast really is important for you and it can also be delicious. Here are some recipes that you can try and some of my favorites I like to have in the morning.

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